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Rules Of The College

           The college expects students to observe certain rules while in college. This will help not only in the smooth running of the college but also make them disciplined citizens of the country.

  • Students are to observe the college rules inside and outside the class. They should be punctual in the classes as well as in the college functions. They should be on their seats before the arrival of the lecturer in the class.
  • They should bahave politely not only with their teachers and office staff but also with their class fellows. They must use civil language.
  • RAGGING OF FELLOW STUDENTS banned in the college vidi the rulings of the supreme court of India.
  • Obeying the lecturers in mandatory.
  • Peace should be maintained in class rooms, in the library, in the college corridors and in the college functions & precessions etc.
  • They should spend their free time preferably in the library reading room reading books, magazines and newspapers. Standing in the corridors during free periods is not allowed as it disturb the teaching work in class rooms.
  • Special care should be taken of the cleanliness of the college. Dustbins should be used to throw waste materials.
  • Students must remember thet the property of the college is their own and as such they should not damage it either by writing on desks and walls of the room or by jumping on the furniture or dragging it. Do not spoil the beauty of the college lawn by plucking flowers from plants. Take care of the flower pots while walking in verandas and wherever they are placed. Any student found damaging the college property in any way shall be punished.
  • Every girl should get the college uniform readied in the beginning of the session and wear it on every Monday and on the college functions. The uniform consiste of White Suit, Maroon Dupatta and Maroon Sweater, Coat or Shawl (in winter) Sleeveless Shirts are not allowed in the college.
  • Use of mobile phones is strictly prohibited in the college premises.
  • Students should not wear high heeled shoes nor should they shout to call the attention of other as these action create noise & disturb the class room teaching. Similarly students should not shout to call other students.
  • If a lecturer is on leave or is a bit late for the class, students should quietly sit in the college hours. Nor should anyone bring a small child along with her to the college.
  • No student will be allowed to move out of the college gate without permission.
  • Prior-permission must be taken to meet the principal in her office. The meetig time is between 11.00 AM to 12.00 PM only. Students should not go in the office without urgent piece of work. They should not carry their friends also as it disturbs the functioning of the college.
  • Sitting outside the offices without any work is prohibited.
  • Every student should read notices displayed on the notice board.
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